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  •  Inscribed in the Accredited Construction Companies Register under no. 17/03/0006965.
  • Approved Installers of Liquid Petroleum Products (IPPL 2) and Class B, C & D Hydrocarbons with no capacity limitation. (New Regulation)
  • Approved Repairers of Liquid Petroleum Products (RPPL 3) and Hydrocarbons. (New Regulation)
  • Approved Installers and Repairers of Pressurised Equipment: Compressed Air
  • Accredited Welders and Operators certificate
  • Accredited Welding Procedures certificate.
  • Accredited Installers of Thermal Building Installations
  • Accredited Thermal Building Installations Maintenance Providers
  • Accredited Installers of Fire Fighting Systems
  • Accredited Fire Fighting Systems Maintenance Providers
  • Accredited Level II Industrial Chillers Installers and Maintenance Providers
  • Inscribed in the Metrology Control Register.
  • Accredited Installer of Low Tension Electricity
  • Accredited Fixed Cooling Equipment, Air conditioning and Heat Pump Installer, Maintenance Provider and Repairers.